Producer’s Message

Producer’s Message

FUKAIKA is a Japanese story prototyping company that wants to change the world just a little bit with stories and Web3.

The initial conceptualization of FUKAIKA was born through research and development at the creative label KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.

KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, where I'm the executive producer, manages artists such as virtual singers, singer-songwriters, illustrators, and video creators, while simultaneously being involved in creating various content like music, videos, XR live shows, and IP development.

Through much research and development, we started to think every day about how we should challenge ourselves in Web3—which is on the verge of becoming the next big thing—because we're the only ones who could do it.

So, we've decided to establish a new organization to tackle Web3.

In the realm of Web3, which is still full of risk, volatility, and uncertainty, we're committed to growing the present market value and novelty of the project, but more importantly, the value of the immense body of music and stories we've accumulated. We also want to implement and evolve KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO's content using the appealing and innovative structure of Web3 and build a new world with users in a Web3 community with new values.

At FUKAIKA, we won't manage artists and the like but rather will put all of our efforts into managing NFTs and DAOs and developing digital figures and the metaverse, as well as projects in Web3 that can be called next-generation IP development, which we haven't worked on until now.

Although FUKAIKA and KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO will be separate organizations, we'll continue to expand IPs and projects together with KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO via a stable business partnership.

My role in KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO will remain the same as always.

With the launch of FUKAIKA, in addition to the core members of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, we're welcoming new, talented members who'll work with us continually as we take on the challenges of Web3.

We want to create new stories with our new members and everyone across the globe who supports this project.

We hope that you will not only observe this event but also
become a co-creator to deepen stories with us.