Announcement of FUKAIKA and THINKR Business Partnership

Announcement of FUKAIKA and THINKR Business Partnership

We at FUKAIKA are launching a new project, KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT, in collaboration with THINKR, the company running KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, to create entertainment in the unknown field of Web3.

In February 2023, we formed a business partnership with THINKR, which runs the creative studio KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO.

KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO is a creative studio that KAF, the virtual singer who had a solo show at Nippon Budokan in August, making her the first virtual YouTuber to do it, is signed to. As a studio with a fan community, as seen in how they have more than 5 million YouTube subscribers, KAMITSUBAKI manages a wide range of creators, including virtual singers, musicians, illustrators, and others.

Through a business partnership with THINKR, the company that runs KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, we’re launching KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT, a new form of Web3 entertainment.

KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT is a comprehensive IP project that challenges the unexplored field of Web3 entertainment by combining the various works that KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO has built thus far with the Web3 experience, which will create new co-creative experiences.

FUKAIKA is a Japanese story prototyping company that changes the world just a little bit with stories and Web3 through working with THINKR—the company that researches and develops the future of IPs and entertainment—and nurturing artists and developing original stories. Through this collaboration, we’re challenging ourselves to create Web3 entertainment, an unexplored field.

First, we’re developing KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, the digital ID in the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City, and a project in which we’re creating the metaverse for KAMITSUBAKI City.

Please check the official website for updates on the details regarding KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT.