Announcement of NFT Project KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis by FUKAIKA

Announcement of NFT Project KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis by FUKAIKA

We're releasing the NFT KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, the digital ID of the residents of the virtual city of KAMITSUBAKI City.

We’re pleased to inform you that we’re releasing KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, an NFT project we at FUKAIKA have been working on.

KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis is a generative NFT art*1 that indicates the identity of a resident of KAMITSUBAKI City*2. Each art has one-of-a-kind visuals and value; it is a valid ID and proof of residence of KAMITSUBAKI City. By obtaining KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, one could participate in the world of stories surrounding KAMITSUBAKI City and a wide array of projects developed by KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT.

PALOW., the illustrator who does many creative works like the character design of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO virtual singers KAF and RIM and the main visuals of KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, is part of creating the art for this.

*1: NFT art that is made algorithmically and automatically according to combinations of many different art pieces
*2: A virtual city that appears in KAMITSUBAKI City Under Construction, an original IP project developed by KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, which started in 2019

For updates on the public sale date of KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis, please check the official KAMITSUBAKI VERSE website, the official Discord server, and Twitter of Resident Genesis.

★The timeline of KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis

・12/3: started the official Twitter account
Surpassed 10,000 followers in just a month and a half since the account was opened

・1/19: started the official Discord community
・2/3: released the KAMITSUBAKI VERSE roadmap
・2/10: announced the number of Resident Genesis supply
・2/26: announced the utilities of Resident Genesis