Announcement Regarding KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis Mint

Announcement Regarding KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis Mint

NFT project "KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis" by FUKAIKA begins minting on March 25, 2023.

The mint for the NFT project “”KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis”” by FUKAIKA will start on March 25, 2023.
By owning the generative NFT art “”KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis”” which represents the identity of a resident of Kamitsubaki City, you can obtain personal identification and residency. In addition, by acquiring this art, you can participate in various projects in the “”KAMITSUBAKI VERSE PROJECT”“.

By holding “”KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis”“, you can access the following utilities:
① Allowlist allocation for Resident Genesis second edition to be announced in autumn
② Release of mini-games for NFT holders
③ Viewing rights of special fixed-point footage of KAMITSUBAKI FES ‘23

The mint information is as follows:
・3/25 – 3/27: Allowlist Presale
Starting time: 10:00 AM Japan Time(48 hours)
・3/27: Public Allowlist Presale
 Starting time: 11:00 AM Japan Time(12 hours)
・3/28: Public Sale
 Starting time: 11:00 AM Japan Time(24 hours)

Mint price:
 Allowlist & Public Allowlist: 0.125 ETH
 Public: 0.2 ETH
Supply: 5,000

For mint site details, please refer to KAMITSUBAKI Resident Genesis’ Official Twitter and Discord for further information.