Season 3 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

Season 3 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

The release of reward points of the second season of the AirDrop System.

We are excited to announce the reward points for Season 3 of the AirDrop System, starting today on September 15th. Eligibility for different grades will be calculated by points based on the quantity and duration of Resident Genesis owned.
Please refer to the attached image and the following information for details on AirDrop System points and grades.

▼ Reward Points
51 points = Sky Blue Grade
153 points = Navy Blue Grade
255 points = Spring Green Grade
765 points = Forest Green Grade
1,785 points = Light Coral Grade
2,550 points = Scarlet Grade
5,100 points = Lilac Grade

▼ Duration Period
September 15th, 2023 to November 15th, 2023

We hope you’ll look forward to it.