Season 2 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

Season 2 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

The release of reward points of the second season of the AirDrop System.

Season 2 reward points for the AirDrop System, which ran from April 21st to June 21st, have been released.
Corresponding levels will be awarded to the individual based on how many Resident Genesis they own and the total points from the duration of ownership.
Please see the attached image and the following for AirDrop System points and levels.

Reward Points:
51pt = Sky Blue level
153pt = Navy Blue level
255pt = Spring Green level
765pt = Forest Green level
1,785pt = Light Coral level
2,550pt= Scarlet level
5,100pt = Lilac level

We’ll announce the details of the NFTs that will be airdropped at a later date on Discord.
We hope you’ll look forward to it.