Season 1 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

Season 1 Reward Points of the AirDrop System

The release of reward points of the first season of the AirDrop System.

Season 1 reward points for the AirDrop System, which ran from April 21st to June 21st, have been released.
Corresponding levels will be awarded to the individual based on how many Resident Genesis they own and the total points from the duration of ownership.
Please see the attached image and the following for AirDrop System points and levels.

Reward Points:
48pt = Sky Blue level
96pt = Navy Blue level
144pt = Spring Green level
240pt = Forest Green level
480pt = Light Coral level
1200pt = Scarlet level
2400pt = Lilac level
3000pt = Pansy level

Season 1 of the AirDrop System will end on June 21st.
We hope you’ll look forward to the further development of the AirDrop System in the near future.